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Hello, My name is Victory

and I started with a TINY $5…
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$97,209 in affiliate sales

And today I’m going to show you exactly what I did!

But before that, let me tell you how THIS crazy journey started for me…

In the last 5 years I tried and tested all the possible traffic source out there… And I discovered (but I don’t think this is any news)… that the highest converting traffic out there is… VIDEO TRAFFIC!

So there’s no wonder YouTube has 30 million daily viewers worldwide…
Video traffic is the best…

But If you tried to rank videos in the past… and failed…

I get it… nowadays with every marketer… and his dog, uploading videos… to rank for RELEVANT keywords… you have to be an SEO jedi!

But Don’t worry!

I discovered a way to LEVERAGE
other people’s video traffic,
put my video in front of theirs…

and siphon all the targeted traffic that I want…
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After I started to use this system… my income went from this:

.. to THIS…

And this…


And I didn’t even upload new videos, I didn’t build any backlinks or write any content…

And don’t worry,

this method works in any niche…

from affiliate marketing local marketing

even selling cat food…

But before I tell you more about this method…
let me tell you why… all these years… I was stuck and

I was earning 7 BUX/ day…

while investing hours of work…

And how a simple twist made me

Everything changed for me OVERNIGHT…

And it all started when my mentor made me realize that MY FREE ORGANIC traffic… was not actually as FREE as I thought…

I was working 4 hours per day… finding the best keywords, writing the best content… creating the best video… and ranking it on YouTube… (and I was pretty good at this).

At the end of the month… that video that I invested 4 hours of work to create and rank… was bringing me around 100 views and 12 clicks to my website.

doing the math…

That means I invested $92 worth of my time… and got 12 clicks… That means that I paid…

almost $8 for a SINGLE CLICK!

When my mentor showed me his stats…

It was a light bulb moment…

He was PAYING 0.01/CLICK… and he was not researching keywords… not ranking..

Not building backlinks… nothing!

He was just buying all the targeted traffic that he wanted from YouTube… 100 times cheaper than I did…
So I decided to invest $5 in YouTube Ads and see how it goes…

Next day I got 2 commissions of $27…. WOW! 10 times return on investment…

And I didn’t have any experience and no clue about YouTube Ads!

Now I get this kind of results…

each and everyday…

Because let me put it this way…
if you know that

if you put $1 in …
and get …$9 OUT…

How many times would you repeat that process….

But you might ask… WHY ISN’T EVERYBODY using YouTube ads…

Well… The problem with YouTube ADs is that you have to show ADS only for highly targeted videos…

YouTUbe allows you to upload a specific list of videos that you want to target with your ADS… But doing this manually is tedious and hard… so most people will just let YouTube show their ads over any video…

And showing an affiliate promotion video… over a FUNNY CAT video compilation..

Will not get you ANY sales… NADA!

While the same affiliate promotion video… will turn into PURE GOLD if you show it only before other videos that are showing review of the specific product that you are promoting…

But don’t worry… you won’t have to struggle and waste hours finding the videos to target… manually..

I HAVE a shortcut for you…
I automated all this process…


Your shortcut to become an Affiliate superstar overnight!

The most complete YouTube ads training that is automated by the
one of a kind revolutionary software that will siphon highly targeted traffic
to your offers with only a few clicks.

Creating highly profitable ads

has never been easier!

Enter my main keyword in the YouTargetr software… and I get a list of highly relevant keyword ideas…

YouTargetr will find all the videos that are ranking for these keywords and have monetization enabled… that means that they will allow me to show my video ad in front of their content..

Upload the list of videos to YouTube ads platform

Fill in the blanks and create a new ad… Enter the name… a video file… a call to action… and VOILA…


Let me quickly show you

how I create a brand new

in few minutes:

After creating such simple ads…

I started to bank like this

Your competitors will not stand

a chance in front of you…

While they are targeting a single keyword…. You will be able to target hundreds or even thousands of different keywords!

And you don’t need to learn anything, don’t need to build backlinks or write any content!

And you’ll get all the benefits of ranking on the first page, but with out the effort and the countless hours of work:

Don’t worry you don’t need a HUGE budget… you can start with only $5 … and you can scale from there!

And if you are from US, Canada or UK, where the traffic is a bit more expensive…

YouTube will even give you $100 FREE credit to start your campaign…

Because YouTube knows that after you start… you will see that this is the BEST way to get traffic online. PERIOD!

And again … as I told you .. don’t worry… you don’t need any experience to do this… YouTargetr comes with a step by step guide showing you how to.. .

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Victory Akpos

Michael Agene

YES Guys!

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Frequently Asked


Of course not. YouTargetr is a cloud based software anyone can use from any device without needing you to download any application on your device. Be it a laptop, desktop, mobile, ANY device, we built an application with so much ease of use from multiple device types.

Absolutely NOT! Tou do not need to know how to create any type of video to use YouTargetr. You do not need any video creation software wither. In fact, because of this, we hired a smart creative team to create 10 easy to edit PowerPoint video ad templates you can simple edit, render and use for your ads.

Because we want you to have maximun value, during this launch week ONLY, YouTargetr will be a one-time price product. After the launch, it’s going to shoot upto $67/month recurring. You should take advantage of that as we believe everyone online needs this tool.


I forgot to tell you about the bonuses!

YT Analytics & Marketing Software

YTAMS is all-in-one Youtube tools combine with 12 different kind of features for Youtube. it’s the most complete analytics & marketing tools for Youtube. Both channel and video analytics are available. You can schedule video upload with it. Not only that we have the option to create live event easily with the application. It has best complete search option for Youtube video. All the advance parameter for searching Youtube video. Playlist, channel search engine are also available. After searching video, you will able to download video. The tool has feature to grab video tags that they have used. And many more, just have look on the feature list below.

WordPress Video Profits Affiliate Marketing Plugin

Make Money With WordPress Video Profits Affiliate Marketing Plugin.

Make money with wordpress and Boost up your earnings with WordPress Video Profits Affiliate Marketing Plugin. Get unlimited sales, leads and commissions from your websites videos. WordPress video profits plugin can easily multiply your earnings with unlimited call to actions, optin forms and not just that. You can add exclusive advertisements on top of your youtube videos by staying inside your wordpress website. One of the best and most top rated wordpress plugin for internet and affiliate marketers.

What is WordPress Video Profits Affiliate Marketing Plugin

1- Every business website and blog on this planet interlinked with world wide web wants to generate more leads, sales and grow their business

2- In this present modern era most of the website owners have understood the power of social media and they use Youtube and Vimeo videos on their site.

3- But here is the thing, they are not using their videos to do more and bring better ROI

4- That’s where wordpress video profits plugin helps you out

5- WordPress video profits plugin lets you add unlimited calls to actions, optin forms and any type of html elements on top of your youtube or wordpress videos to take immediate action and convert those customers / visitors into direct leads, sales and commissions for you.

6- Every single video you post at your wordpress website or blog is waiting for you to integrate with wordpress video profits plugin so that you can even make 2x or 3x more results from your website.

7- This is one of the must buy software for everyone who have wp sites.

8- With wordpress video profits plugin make upto $150 from your sales with 100% commissions

9- WordPress video profits plugin allows you too many bonus options and promotion options

10- What else do you need when you can easily turn your videos into a profits making machine. WordPress video profits plugin possesses great potential which is far beyond your thinking.

Video Intro for WordPress

Video Intro for WordPress allows you to show a video presentation before
your visitors get into the main content of your website.
It comes with a lot of friendly options:

– Auto redirect after video ends. Don’t let your visitors thinking if they really
want to get into your website when the introduction ends: redirect them
directly to the page you want.
– Skip Intro button. Don’t let your anxious visitors waiting to see what comes next:
give them the opportunity to skip your advertising or favorite video and get into the content.
– Custom frame border. Your website deserve some polishment.
– Unlimited styles and colors. Make your website look more personal.
– Responsive. And mobile compatible.
– Custom logo. Brand your video.
– Bottom text areas. Use this space to write a copyright, show your social networks or
anything you want. It’s up to your creativity.
– Self-hosted or YouTube videos. You can show your own self-hosted intro or a YouTube embedded video.

FB Live Video Engagr (Live Reaction Voter)

This is a tool for displaying Facebook reactions in real-time on a Facebook Live video voting, You can also choose the number of competitors and add a image for them, which leads to promoting and increasing reach to your page, and also you can do a live broadcast on YouTube & Twitch & Dailymotion. it’s Great Way To Get More Facebook Page Likes

Here Are The Cool Features Built Into FB Live Video Engagr
– Multiple Live Pages.
– Animated Reactions.
– REAL-TIME Statistics.
– Customize text color, background image.
– You can add music from YouTube or SoundCloud on live page.

Promoting and increasing reach to your page.
it’s Great Way To Get More Facebook Page Likes.
You can also choose the number of competitors and add a image for them.
“Easy to install” this script comes with an installer that will ease your installation process.

ViddoLeadz (Video Leads Capture Machine)

This is a powerful tool for capturing leads from any video you share on your WP website… with this you can insert opt-ins, advert messages, contact us form, share button on ANY video you share on your website.

Did you know that using vide can increases conversions by up to 50%? and this will help you get more leads and more sales from people who watch video on your website.

Imagine this scenario… You created valuable and useful video for your target audience. You shared that video with your social media following, your email list, you ran some ads.

People are watching your video and they love it!
Now, based on your desired goal with the video, imagine if people could: – Sign up for your mailing list to get a freebie
– Contact you
– Share something smart you said on the video
– Share the video with their friends or
– Click your call-to-action button

Creating highly profitable ads

has never been easier!

Enter my main keyword in the YouTargetr software… and I get a list of highly relevant keyword ideas…

YouTargetr will find all the videos that are ranking for these keywords and have monetization enabled… that means that they will allow me to show my video ad in front of their content..

Upload the list of videos to YouTube ads platform

Fill in the blanks and create a new ad… Enter the name… a video file… a call to action… and VOILA…


After the launch ends, the price will increase significantly, but heck… even at $500…

This would be a seriously good investment… you would get your money back in no time!

Just imagine that one week from now… your traffic problem will be gone!

You will siphon a ton of targeted traffic from YouTube ads…

Traffic that will convert 10x better than your current traffic…

And the best part is that you will not have to wait weeks to see results…

The results are almost instant. Usually the next day you are already seeing target traffic siphoned to your offers!

YourTargetr gives you an unfair advantage!

That’s why a lot of top video marketers begged me to not release this to the public. At least not at this price…

This software lowers the playing field… now anybody can siphon targeted traffic from YouTube without ranking or investing thousands of dollars in SEO!

So what are you waiting for???

Instant $30 Discount

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